Upper Cape Cod Real Estate Information

Upper Cape is located in the mid-section of Cape Cod in the Barnstable County of Massachusetts and is sandwiched in between Mid Cape and Lower Cape. Upper Cape also serves as the point of connection between Lower Cape and Mid Cape. Because of this, those people wishing to travel to Lower Cape by road must first pass through Upper Cape. The name of Upper Cape is confusing to some because it is actually not the northernmost portion of the cape. However, this name is from 18th and 19th-century maritime practices that have stuck since those times.

Upper Cape is composed of a number of towns, the largest being Bourne, Sandwich, Falmouth, and Mashpee. Together, these towns host the famous Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and a host of other research organizations and institutes, mainly based around oceanic investigation and wildlife preservation. Falmouth serves as the main ferry connection point to the island called Martha?s Vineyard. Additionally, Upper Cape?s role in sailing has led to the creation of a number of storied lighthouses that line its shores. A large portion of beautiful photography that people see in the news and in books is taken in Upper Cape. Besides its picturesque views and enchanting vistas, Upper Cape?s superb local cuisine has attracted the national media spotlight. As does the rest of Cape Cod, Upper Cape?s restaurants have managed to create a number of dishes using only the freshest clams, oysters, crabs, and lobsters.

Pleasant Bay is a protected bay that is ideal for flat paddling, swimming, and other types of water exploration. Sequetucket Harbor, open to the Atlantic Ocean is more rough and fit for experienced swimmers, divers, and sailors. Upper Cape even offers attractions for people who don?t want to hop in the ocean. Both Nickerson State Park and Pleasant Lake provide fun alternatives to the beach.

Part of the rich Cape Cod history that stretches back to the early 1500s, Upper Cape has managed to maintain a large portion of its past. In fact, the cape?s maritime past and heritage continues to fuel the vibe of the community today. A number of local community events help to enrich the already lively culture in Upper Cape. The annual Irish Music in America Festival is held in Falmouth to celebrate the Irish culture.