Plymouth Real Estate Information

The town of Plymouth is the county seat of Plymouth County and is named after a town in England of the same name. Best known for being the first landing side for the pilgrims on the celebrated Mayflower voyage, Plymouth was founded in 1620 and is the oldest continually inhabited English settlement in the United States. The town of 52,000 people is located about forty miles south of downtown Boston and today serves as a hub for shipping because of its port and tourism. Past industries like ropemaking, fishing, and whaling have been dropped by the wayside. While these have become part of Plymouth?s past, the myth and legend around Plymouth Rock and the coming of the pilgrims to America is very much a living part of the community today.

As the site of the first Thanksgiving, Plymouth continues the tradition today by hosting a massive community festival to celebrate the occasion. Plymouth also serves as the home for regional healthcare thanks to Jordan Hospital that is located in the middle of town. As the only major healthcare provider in the area, the hospital serves twelve towns, including most of the towns on Cape Cod. Plymouth Municipal Airport is a general aviation airport near town and currently receives no commercial service.

The oldest continuously operating museum in the nation, Pilgrim Hall Museum, is still open to the public today and is quite an attraction for residents and visitors alike. The famous Plimouth Plantation is another popular sight to see. The plantation recreates life as it was when the Mayflower first arrived and allows guests to get an inside look at pilgrim lifestyle. Nearby at the State Pear in Plymouth Center is the Mayflower II, a faithful replica of the original Mayflower that made the transatlantic crossing to bring the first pilgrims from Europe to the United States. Also close by is the Pilgrim Memorial State Park where Plymouth Rock rests in a memorial. A popular gathering place is Independence Mall where there are a number of shops and restaurants. Because of its size, many people from towns nearby travel to Plymouth to run errands and have a night out.

Besides Plymouth Bay and the protected Plymouth Harbor, a host of other parks and recreational facilities make living in Plymouth a joy. Plymouth Country Club, Pinehills Golf Club, and Southers Marsh Golf Club have exceptional 18-hole courses. Morton Park, Plymouth Town Forest, Massachusetts State Forest, Lout Pond, Briggs Reservoir, and Cooks Pond are just some of the more popular ones. The sprawling Myles Standish State Forest is located due south of Plymouth.