Harwich Real Estate Information

Cape Cod?s coastal town of Harwich is a popular vacation spot and classy residential area conveniently close to the natural wonders of the cape. A major harbor region, there are three active harbors in town, including Saquatucket, Wychmere, and Allen Harbors. Known for its many cranberry salt bogs, Harwich is also a major commercial center with extensive cranberry farming throughout the year. First settled in 1670, Harwich was originally a center for fishing and farming before becoming the birthplace of the cranberry industry. Today, although commercial cranberry farming still exists, Harwich is largely centered around its residential community and tourism.

The largest lake on Cape Cod, Long Pond, is located in Harwich and in addition to recreational uses, serves as a private airport for seaplanes that can land on its smooth waters. Long Pond is joined by several other large ponds that dot the Harwich landscape, including Seymour Pond, Hinckleys Pond, Upper Mill Pond, Sheep Pond, and Cahoon Pond. Route 6 and Route 28 are the town?s main link to the surrounding areas, both running through the heart of Harwich. The CCRTA?s bus services offers two routes that pass through Harwich, including the Flex up north and Route H20.

Awfully close to the Cape Cod National Seashore, many tourists stay in Harwich and travel to the park for long days at the beach. However, Harwich has a number of fine beaches itself. Harwich?s beaches face the Nantucket Sound in the south rather than the bay in the north. This means that the more dynamic waves from the Atlantic Ocean.
During the active summer months, Harwich is the home of Cape Cod Baseball League team Harwich Mariners who play at Whitehouse Field in the vicinity. The annual Sail Around the Cape competition starts and finishes in Harwich as is a grueling competition around Cape Cod that passes through the Cape Cod Canal.

Over 1,400 students attend school in Harwich, which operates its own school district.
An elementary school serves grades K-5 while a middle school and high school take care of students in 6-8 and 9-12 respectively. The Cape Cod Regional Technical High School is also located in Harwich, bringing a diverse range of students from across the cape.