Dennis Real Estate Information

The 16,000-person Barnstable County town of Dennis is a popular seaside resort town, known widely for its large colonial mansions, stately estates, and expensive properties that line the northern Cape Cod Bay coastline. The southern portions of Dennis stretch along the warm water beaches of Nantucket Sound and are accompanied by the picturesque vistas of the land merging into the crystal blue waters off the shoreline.
Officially incorporated in 1793, the area was named after resident minister Josiah Dennis and transitioned to a seafaring community centered around the Shiverick Shipyard when farming and agriculture was no longer lucrative enough for the town to be prosperous.

The town of Dennis maintains all of the public beaches that grace its shores. Because the town stretches the diameter of the cape, residents and visitors have access to their choice of north- or south-facing shores. The north beaches open onto Cape Cod Bay, namely Corporation Beach, Mayflower Beach, Bayview Beach, Sea Street Beach, Chapin Beach, and Harborview Beach. The south beaches are along the Atlantic Ocean and include Glendon Beach, Haigis Beach, Inman Road Beach, Maycroft Beach, Metcalfe Memorial Beach, West Dennis Beach, and South Village Beach. For those people who prefer to stay away from the ocean, Scargo Lake and its Princess Beach and Scargo Beach are peaceful alternatives.

Besides the ocean, there are many other activities and attractions that make life in Dennis, both permanently and temporarily, a lot of fun. Highlands Golf Course, Kings Way Golf Course, Dennis Pines Golf Course, Bass River Golf Course, and Blue Rock Golf Course all offer challenging courses at reasonable prices. Scargo Park, Follins Pond, Kelleys Bay, Grand Cove, Fresh Pond, Swan Pond, Walkers Pond, Pine Pond, Slough Pond, and Elbow Pond are scattered thoughout Dennis and are very nice recreational areas. The Sesuit Harbor is a small marina that hosts a number of boats that are used both for fun days on the water and for fishing. The Patriots Sqaure Mall is also located in Dennis and provides residents with a convenient center for running errands, shopping, and eating.