Cape Cod Communities

A part of Barnstable County, Cape Cod is a peninsula in the southeastern portion of Massachusetts. The islands off of the peninsula, including Monomoy Island, Monomoscoy Island, Popponesset Island, and Seconsett Island, are also considered to be part of the cape. These islands in addition to a number of smaller ones like Nantucket and Martha?s Vineyard, are typically more exclusive and feature large estates and resorts to cater to well-off residents and tourists. First sighted in 1524, Cape Cod served as the first sight of land for many sailors and explorers who journeyed to North America from Europe.

Evolving from its origins as an agricultural settlement and base for oceangoing adventures and whaling, Cape Cod quickly developed into a summer haven for urban people in search of an escape from the cities. Despite this evolution, the merchant trading and whaling culture of old is still quite prevalent, especially in the off-shore island communities.